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About GCP Research

Our Mission Statement

At GCP Research we are committed to the absolute safety and comfort of all our volunteers that are involved in our clinical trials. Our medical staff is committed to the highest quality of work that leads to the development of medication that will benefit society for generations to come.

  • GCP Research is a facility where Phase 2 and 3 trials take place. A Phase 2 study is to assess the level of safety and efficacy of the investigational drug. A Phase 3 study is to assess the effectiveness of the investigational drug compared to current standard treatment. Clinical trials are essential to the development of all medication that is used in society today. All new medications must pass through clinical studies successfully before going on to be.
  • Safety of the study participants is of utmost priority at every step of the way. All volunteers that participate have to go through a consenting process and have to sign a consent form making sure that they are fully aware of all procedures and risks. All volunteers are free to withdraw from the study at anytime.
  • GCP Researchs also performs Oncology and Medical Device research studies. We are capable of performing all Oncology clinical trials and have all the necessary personnel. We have also have the capability of performing any type of Medical Device studies due to our facilities surgical capability.
  • We have two locations. Our primary location is situated in the East end of Montreal at 6455 Beaubien. This is where our Phase 2-3, and Oncology trials take place. Our second location is located downtown Montreal at Les Cours Montreal. This facility is used for any overnight or surgical studies.

Study Experience

Type of Clinical Trial Number of Studies
Diabetes Mellitus 14
Bronchitis 7
Emphysema 6
Asthma 6
Cardiac Ischemia 5
Anxiety Disorder 3
Atherosclerosis 3
Duodenal Ulcer 3
Hyperlipidemia 3
Hypertension 3
Mood disorders 3
Alzheimer’s 3
Osteoarthritis 3
Sexual Disorders 3
Esophageal Disorders 2
Psoriasis 2
Urinary Incontinence 2
Allergic Disorders 1
Cerebral Ischemia 1
Coagulation Defects 1
Peripheral Vascular Disease 1
Rheumatoid Arthritis 1

Our Facilities

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    All participants are compensated and information is 100% confidential.