GCP Research - Clinical Trials


  • What are Phase 1 clinical studies?

  • What are the risks of taking new medications?

    ? The risks are different depending on each unique study involving a different medication. Any of the risks involved will be thoroughly explained during the consent process and will be given to you in writing.

  • What is the length of a typical study?

    ? 1 ? 5 days in house, varies according to the study. Also may have return visits.

  • What is the remuneration?

    ? See our remuneration page.

  • Where do I...?

    ? In house, beds are provided for a comfortable sleep.

    ? In house, showers are provided as well as towels and all needed toiletries.

    ? In house, there is a cafeteria where all food is provided, with 3 meals a day and snacks throughout the day.

  • What are the accommodations like?

    ? Our clinic is a state of the art facility and all our equipment and beds are brand new, allowing your stay to a be comfortable and pleasant experience.

  • What do I do when I am there?

    ? There is a recreation room on site, Wi-Fi, TV, magazines and books. A complete list of what you are allowed/not allowed to bring will be provided to you during your screening visit.

  • Can I leave?

    ? Permission to leave is determined on a per study basis.

  • Do I benefit?

    ? There are no direct medical benefits from the medication being investigated. There is a financial benefit (see ?How I get Paid?). There is a number of social benefits that are a result of participating in clinical studies, such as helping society to develop new medication that are of benefit to all of us. Every time there is a new medication that is able to help millions of people and benefit the rest of society, it is a direct result of all of the people in the past who have helped and participated in clinical trials.

  • Can I quit the trial at any time?

    ? Your participation is completely voluntary on your part and there are no obligations for you to finish the trial. All study participants can quit at any time, and will be compensated up until the final point of participation.

  • Compensation

    Earn supplementary income of as much as $3000 for your participation in our studies!

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